New DNA Toys: Archaic Human Percentages

23/12/14 edit to add: From Felix Chandrakumar, ” I just updated the DNA calculator to customize thresholds/settings along with 2 predefined options for total and recent ancestry. Hope this will avoid confusion. I also made the other 3 tools obsolete.”  Hopefully, Felix will change his mind and reintroduce the tools.  

23/12/14 edit to add: Felix has updated the tools and made them available for download here.  You can see the results of my experiment here.

Just in time for the holidays, Felix Chandrakumar has given us some new freebie genetic genealogy tools to play with. One of my very few disappointments in testing through FTDNA is the lack of archaic DNA percentages given to participants.  With Felix’s new tools and your raw data, you can compare your DNA to archaic human samples.   The Neanderthal Tool can be found here and the Denisova tool here.  He has also made a tool to compare yourself to the 12,500 year old Clovis Anzick sample found in Montana, which can be found here. Featured image I found the percentages astoundingly high until I read Felix’s clarification, “The tool checks for small segments chunks within the DNA to see how much they are identical. You need to remove the genealogical perspective and put on the general idea that every human is 99.7% identical. This tool tells you how much of that 0.3 is identical.” National Geographic provides answers to how we share a common genetic heritage with the archaic humans Denisovans here and about Neanderthals here.  Our results still seem a bit high to me compared to the numbers given by 23 and Me and National Geographic testers.  Have you tried Felix’s tools yet?   What do you think?


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