Iowa DNA Project is Growing: March 2015

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The Iowa DNA Project has almost doubled in size since the February Quarterly Roundup.  With our current membership, 72 of Iowa’s 99 counties are now represented by the DNA of Project Members.

Project Make Up

Top 5 Represented Counties: Black Hawk, Fayette, Polk, Buchanan, Madison

Total Project Surnames: 232

Total Project Members: 78

Inter-Project Matches: 17 (not counting immediate family matches)

5 Most Common Project Surnames: Evans (11), Miller (14), Thompson (12), White (10), Wilson (10)

Most Represented YDNA: R and its subclades followed by I and G

Most Represented mtDNA: H and its subclades.  Also represented are W, J, T, K and U

Project Activity

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MyGroups has proven popular with members and is allowing the group to ask questions, interact and share surnames, locations, family background and photos.  A Links page is also available to help FTDNA users get a handle on their results, explore advanced topics, and access group updates.

The project remains focused on families with direct ancestry or collateral lines tied to Iowa. To make inter-group connections we rely on autosomal, or Family Finder data.  However, all appropriate testing is of value and encouraged and the project’s general statistics can be found here.

Get Involved

If you have ties to Iowa and have a Family Finder kit ordered or processed at FTDNA, you may join the project here.  We look forward to exploring the settlement patterns and make-up of Iowa as well as the continued growth of membership and number of matches within the group.


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