DNA Courses in Iowa August 2016

If you’re in Iowa and would like hands on assistance to make sense of your research, check out the classes offered by Iowa DNA Project’s own Dr Bryant McAllister of the University of Iowa.

GeneticsCourse Description and Details

Each of these courses is designed to support the goals of 1) encouraging understanding of the biological basis of commercial DNA test results, and 2) fostering proficiency navigating the web interface and interpreting DNA test results. These courses are intended for individuals with DNA test results already available. Classes will involve a mix of presentation, demonstration, and guided activity.

Bryant McAllister, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology at The University of Iowa is the instructor for these courses. As a scientist with a focus in evolutionary genetics, Dr. McAllister is an educator able to provide broad insights to individuals looking to apply DNA testing to family history research.
To register go to UI Center for Conferences
Class size is limited. The registration fee is $180 per course, or $320 for both. The deadline to register is July 18.
*Afternoon (1:00-4:00pm) sections of the courses may be opened if the morning sections reach capacity.
If you have questions or would prefer to register by phone please contact the UI Center for Conferences at conferences@uiowa.edu, 1 800 551 9029 or 319 335 4141.

2 thoughts on “DNA Courses in Iowa August 2016

  1. I don’t drive in D.M. but might be interested in carpooling with someone from north Iowa who does. It’s a stiff price for me so I would only do one class.


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